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It’s Forest Time
Capsular collection
Little Prince in the Finnish ForestNowadays teaching our kids to take care of environment is as essential as teaching them to say thank you and please. It should be one of those daily routines and healthy habits,that one does not even notice that they are contributing to preserving The Earth.

With this capsular collection we wanted to remind parents and children that we should cherish our Mother Nature. The prints are inspired by Finnish forest. It is important for the owners of forest land to make sure all trees grow healthy. They cut the forest to build houses and furniture, to heat buildings and to make sand boxed for kids, but they replant the trees and make sure they grow tall and have a sunny life. Forest is a source of inspiration and energy for all the people in Finland. They respect forest and they respect Mother Nature, and because She is being so generous to them, they are grateful and they promised to take good care of Her.