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CHEGASTA is a family project from Russia. After the birth of our son we began to appreciate the time we spend traveling in nature even more. Deeply inhale fresh air, play in sand and grass, re-discover the world with our child, rejoice at his first steps, first words - all this inspires us to create our clothes.

Children are our future, and they deserve the best one possible. We are doing our bit for better future with sustainability in mind, there are some principles we follow:

One of our favorite fabrics is corduroy which we remember from our childhood. We first test each product - we see how comfortable it is for the child, how durable the fabric is and how it behaves after washing - so that it can please you as long as possible.

We also try to make double sizes in our products - using two rows of buttons on the straps, and lining (which allows us to tuck up our trousers in a stylish way) - this makes it possible to wear our clothes for more than one season.

We ship all our products in cotton bags to reduce plastic consumption in packing.

There are no sales on our products - we value and want to fairly compensate local manual labor. Also to discourage impulsive buying. 

Design of our clothes is not driven by fashion, but by timeless values of comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Quality of the product allows it to be used by good few generations!